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IT related stuff

This page is designed for publications on IT related matters. For the time being, it is being fed with howtos, time allowing.

  1. Linux on the HP Pavilion ze4300 Notebook
  2. How to connect a cell phone via USB to a Linux laptop and dial-up an internet connection
  3. Linux on a Palmax PD1100 penbook (blog)
  4. Linux-Firewall-Router with Proxy, DNS and DHCP-Server (in german)
  5. Firewall, Router and IPSec-VPN-Gateway with FreeBSD 5.1
  6. How to set up IPv6 connectivity with an own tunnel broker over IPv4 GRE and IPSec tunnels
  7. How to set up IPv6 connectivity natively over an IPv4 IPSec tunnel. (Modification of the setup described in the article linked above.)
  8. How to check if an IPv6 address is valid with a regular expression and how to calculate the "reverse" (ie. IP6.ARPA) address format
  9. An ebuild for a customized binary Gentoo kernel package

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